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Welcome and thank you for visiting Pickleball Hut. Our mission is to help players of all levels make rapid improvements in their game in a way that’s both structured and fun! At Pickleball Hut, we want to help more people start playing the great sport of pickleball and get them playing their best.

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to helping people play at their highest level. Stretching, technique, breathing, strategy…anything and everything that will help to improve your game.

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pickleball getting started

Learn Pickleball: what it is and why you’ll love it!

Learning to play pickleball is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Welcome to sport of pickleball!  I'm excited for you, specifically the journey you're about to undertake. The steps on your journey to learn pickleball are easy to do but challenging to master.  Like many other sports, there are many layers and nuances when it comes to excelling at every aspect of the game.  But unlike many other sports, you'll be able to learn pickleball well enough to play with others and sustain rallies very quickly (15-20 minutes in many cases!) To do...

Master the Third Shot Drop

Why you need to master the Pickleball third shot

The significance of the Pickleball third shot Let's first talk about why the pickleball third shot should be part of a comprehensive pickleball strategy.  A point starts out with a serve (first shot) and the receiving team's return (second shot).  At this point, the serving team is still back at the baseline and the returning team should be at the kitchen line (or non-volley zone). The receiving team has the initial advantage in a point.  They're at a position of strength at the kitchen line and are looking to capitalize on their advantageous...

pickleball getting started

Pickleball: How to Play and How to Score

How to Play Pickleball and How to Score Pickleball is played on a badminton-sized court (20’ x 44’) and can be played as singles or doubles game; the court and rules are the same for both. The ball is served diagonally starting at the right-hand service square. Points can only be scored from the serving side. The receiving team must allow the ball to bounce only once before a volley.  Courts include a 7-foot no-volley zone (known as the kitchen) on each side of the net; this prevents “spiking.” Scoring Pickleball The server...

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