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    The Latest Podcasts

    Custom Paddles with Jack Kasarjian and John Grantuskas

    What kind of paddle do you use? For most of us, we are probably using the off-the-shelf paddle that we picked up at the store without a lot of thought. But did you know that the right equipment in pickleball is not a one size fits all? Paddle playability is an overlooked part of the […]

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    Positive Motivation with Jeaney Garcia

    Jeaney Garcia has been working for Positive Coaching Alliance for 21 years and is a certified positive motivation trainer. She has presented at many motivational workshops worldwide and her love for competitive sports is self-evident. She has competed in several different sports at all levels and is currently a Selkirk sponsored senior pickleball competitor.

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    Dinking Out Loud Introduction

    I have been hooked on pickleball for three years now and am passionate about learning from the best. This podcast is all about hearing from the experts and to apply what we learn in each episode to make a positive difference in our game.

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