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“A lot of people play pickleball just for fun. You can still go to tournaments for fun, or you can go to tournaments and be serious about it, improve, and move up in the ranks.” - Lucy Kitcher Share on X

What is it like to play in a pickleball tournament? So many players stay away from playing in a tournament, but today’s guest explains how even a novice player can benefit from them.

In this episode of Dinking Out Loud, we have Lucy Kitcher, a pickleball pro since 2017. In addition to competing in tournaments herself, Lucy has experience organizing tournaments all over the country, but her passion is organizing all-inclusive and surprisingly affordable pickleball trips. These trips are fabulous opportunities for players to improve their skills, travel, and have a blast learning from a pro.

Listen on to find out more about the benefits of tournaments and how to take advantage of a Lucy Kitcher pickleball trip.

“My goal is to give players something affordable. There are many players that haven’t had any formal instruction and it is a good opportunity to improve their skills and have fun at the same time.” - Lucy Kitcher Share on X

Show Notes:

“I would recommend anyone who hasn’t played in a tournament to give it a go at least to do it once and see.” - Lucy Kitcher Share on X

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