Refereeing with Dereck Prince

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With recent rule changes, refereeing is not an easy job. There are so many rules to remember and as our guest today describes it, you have to have them at your fingertips without a second thought. In today’s episode, our guest is the incredible referee, Dereck Prince. 

Dereck is a former table tennis, badminton, and tennis player turned “pickleball addict.” He is also a data analyst, IPTPA Certified Teaching Professional, USAPA Certified Referee, and USAPA Registered Pickleball Referee Trainer. His passion for the game and skills as a referee have landed him for two years as the referee of gold medal matches at the US Open. 

Today, Dereck and I discuss his experience as a referee, some of the 2021 rule changes, and he offers tips to players like you who are playing recreationally or considering a tournament. This will certainly not be the last time I have Dereck on the show so stay tuned for more from today’s knowledgeable guest.

“Reffing the US Open is an experience like no other. To be there on center court, to have the best players in the world going at it, it is enthralling to watch them.” - Dereck Prince Click To Tweet

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“There’s no second chance or confirming with someone else. You have to have the rules at your fingertips and make the right call and be prepared to defend it if the players question you.” - Dereck Prince Click To Tweet

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