Positive Motivation with Jeaney Garcia

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“Catch the ball first before you make the pass. Focus on the thing you need to focus on before you move on.” - Jeaney Garcia Share on X

What are you doing to improve your performance? No, not just drilling and practicing. I’m talking about your mental game. In today’s episode of Dinking Out Loud, I have the inspiring Jeaney Garcia. Jeaney shares her vast knowledge, relatable stories, and steps to take now to master goal setting, visualization, and taming that negative voice in your head.

Jeaney Garcia has been working for Positive Coaching Alliance for 21 years and is a certified positive motivation trainer. She has presented at many motivational workshops worldwide and her love for competitive sports is self-evident. She has competed in several different sports at all levels and is currently a Selkirk sponsored senior pickleball competitor. 

Now is the time to start implementing her tips and tricks. Take advantage of this time off the courts to improve not only your gameplay but your mental awareness as well.

“Having a culture where you are working on your mental game is a huge part of being a competitor.” - Jeaney Garcia Share on X

Show Notes:

“There’s nothing wrong with setting a big goal. It’s what you do to make it happen.” - Jeaney Garcia Share on X

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