Dinking Out Loud Introduction

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Welcome to Dinking Out Loud! I am your host, Trey Sizemore, and this podcast’s mission is to help you play the best pickleball of your life. I have been hooked on pickleball for three years now and am passionate about learning from the best. This podcast is all about hearing from the experts and to apply what we learn in each episode to make a positive difference in our game. You can expect guests who are top players, coaches, referees, and other professionals in the world of pickleball. Let’s get started

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Trey Sizemore

Trey Sizemore is the founder of pickleballhut.com, and the host of the 'Dinking Out Loud' podcast. Trey has been playing pickleball for several years and loves helping others discover this great game and improve their skills. Trey has launched several online resources with the goal of helping players of all levels improve their game through multi-format instruction.