Custom Paddles with Jack Kasarjian and John Grantuskas

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“Good players drill three times more than they play.” - Jack Kasarjian Share on X

What kind of paddle do you use? For most of us, we are probably using the off-the-shelf paddle that we picked up at the store without a lot of thought. But did you know that the right equipment in pickleball is not a one size fits all? Paddle playability is an overlooked part of the game. Not a lot of players are very well educated about the materials their paddles are made from and the difference the shape of the paddle can make on your gameplay.

That’s why I asked Jack Kasarjian and John Grantuskas on for today’s episode on Custom Paddles. Jack is the founder of Third Shot Drop Custom Pickleball Paddles whose mission is to make you a better player by getting the right equipment in your hands. John is a court ambassador in the Mid-Atlantic region for Third Shot Drop who does demos with players of all skill levels to show the benefits of custom paddles.

“Players will have the most success with the heaviest possible paddle that they can swing.” - Jack Kasarjian Share on X

Show Notes:

“Players who are spending the time and energy and are passionate about the game aren’t balking at the price of custom paddles.” - Jack Kasarjian Share on X

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